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Network Taps/Splitters for SAN & LAN Data Acquisition

SAN/LAN In-line Taps  

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How to use Taps with IDS systems-- Finisar Tech Note
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Finisarís In Line Taps maximize visibility and minimize link downtime on full duplex switched LANs & SANs. Available in single or multi-port configurations, In-Line Taps give access to all network traffic, including all physical errors, from both sides of a full duplex link. Taps are fault tolerant and enable network monitoring or analysis tools to be dynamically inserted into Ethernet or Fibre Channel segments without breaking the link. In-Line Taps are completely passive to network traffic and allow for analysis of individual segments along with the ability to rove between segments.

Finisar Taps can be used with Finisarís GTXTHGSAN QoS  analysis probes or third party LAN analyzers. Finisar Taps provide a cost effective and unique way for analyzers or probes to see all of the traffic on one or more previously "blind" full-duplex links. Taps allow for monitoring, capture and analysis of physical errors and enable full-duplex, full-line rate performance, even at gigabit rates, whereas span
ports do not.

Finisar Taps can also be used with Intrusion Detection/IDS Systems .

Taps are inserted directly in the link, split or copy the signals from both channels, and re-transmit the data streams back out to the link and to the probe

Finisar Taps are available in many different platforms- from single to multiport-- copper or fiber.


Recommended Applications for Taps

Mission-critical or business-critical links need very low Mean Time To Repair. Having pre-installed taps in these links, IT engineers will be able to rapidly troubleshoot occasional anomalies and other problems.

Core or Backbone Links with high bandwidth utilization again should be pre-tapped to allow probes and monitors to be installed, moved and removed without breaking the links.

Intrusion Detection Monitoring , the link supporting the firewall offers a perfect place for a tap to provide a dependable and complete data stream to the Intrusion Detection System. These systems depend on complete data streams to recognize intruder patterns.

Voice over IP quality measurement demands accurate jitter and drop rate measurements. Taps allow this, but mirror ports change the jitter value and artificially inflate the drop rate