SANRAD iSCSI V Switch Family

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SANRAD Overview

The common thread apparent in almost all small to large storage management solutions is the process of detaching storage devices from servers and networking these storage resources via a storage area network (SAN). The reasons for "going networked" are basic - networked storage systems are far easier to manage and maintain, the data is simpler to replicate and protect, and the storage and data can be more easily shared, expanded, and precisely allocated to clients and their applications.

The question facing most IT professionals isn’t whether "to network - or not to network", the question is "how to network?" Network and system administrators are still coping with their everyday challenges, and don’t want the decision they made on "how to network" taking up more resources or creating additional problems.

A new standard for networking storage is emerging to simplify the task of building, managing and expanding a SAN. The IETF committee and industry giants worked together to create the new iSCSI standard storage protocol for building IP based SANs. This new storage protocol resides on top of TCP / IP over Ethernet. Ethernet switches and HBAs are common and, when combined with iSCSI to build a SAN, provides small to enterprise class computing environments with a simple, cost effective, high performance, and feature rich architecture for supporting almost any business application.

SANRAD develops and provides products and technology for building SANs. All SANRAD virtualization switch products provide protocol bridging, storage routing, switching and virtualization within a highly scalable architecture. The iSCSI V Switch ™ 3000 is a member of SANRAD’s Virtualization Switch Family and is designed to build SANs based on the iSCSI protocol running over Ethernet and supports fibre-channel, iSCSI, or SCSI based storage systems.

The iSCSI V Switch™ 3000 is a network-centric storage management and virtualization solution. It resides between Gb. Ethernet networked hosts and diverse fibre-channel, iSCSI or SCSI storage systems within a SAN. Installation requires no unique host agents or additional special hardware. It provides a single, easy-to-use storage connection and storage virtualization platform for IT professionals responsible for administering and providing small to enterprise class storage resources to diverse hosts across a LAN, MAN, or WAN.

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