SANRAD’s iSCSI V Switch 


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SANRAD’s iSCSI V-Switch provides storage management and data communication solutions for almost any network, any storage, anywhere.

about SANRAD

The iSCSI V-Switch is a storage management and virtualization product for building SANs over an IP based LAN, MAN or WAN.

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All-in-One IP-SANs

V-Switch 3000 V-Switch 3000, Total iSCSI SAN
SANRAD V-Switch 3000™ combines iSCSI connectivity with Network-based volume management for highly available storage and simple storage provisioning.

V-Switch 2000

V-Switch 2000, Smart Office SAN
SANRAD's V-Switch 2000TM is optimized for mid-range and departmental environments requiring cost effective IP SAN solutions for common business applications.

Zophar Sante’, SANRAD, Inc. or 510-521-2424

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