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GTX Jammer Module (iSCSI)  

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The GTX Jammer Module (iSCSI) provides controlled, repeatable real-time data modification and system-level error injection for Fibre Channel or Gigabit Ethernet (iSCSI).

• Modify Bits, Bytes, Words, or Delete a Frame
• Pass, Overwrite, or Recalculate the CRC
• Support for the FCIA's SANMark Test Suites
• Operate in Any Topology with Any Upper-Level Protocol
• Trigger a Protocol Analyzer or Other Instruments at the Error Injection Point
• Separate Hardware Modules for Fibre Channel & Gigabit Ethernet (iSCSI)

Finisar’s GTX Jammer Module (GTX-J) was designed to insure that Fibre Channel and iSCSI networks recover from all error conditions without data loss or corruption. With the GTX-J installed in a Finisar GTX Protocol Analysis System, a network manager can inject errors into a network in real time and verify that the recovery process operates as expected.

The GTX-J is used in conjunction with one or more GTX Protocol Analyzers, to capture modified traffic and the system response. The Jammer can trigger the analyzer and the analyzer can arm the Jammer.

Download GTX Jammer Software version 2.0